Famous Ramona Water, Inc. has been a Southern California leader in the bottled water industry since 1971. We are known throughout the Southwest for our elite quality and superior taste - you really can taste the difference! Our local, single source for natural spring water won a gold medal at the prestigious Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Awards, and Famous Ramona Water has also won the Excellence in Manufacturing Award from IBWA by meeting or exceeding the provisions of the Food and Drug Administration’s Good Manufacturing Practices, the Principles of HACCP, and Codex Alimentarius HAACP. Famous Ramona Water is not mass produced for profit from multiple sources. We use only the highest quality water and bottling processes. We work hard every day to bring Southern California a great tasting product at a great price.

In addition to providing the highest quality water, Famous Ramona Water is also one of Southern California’s finest co-packers, custom and private label producers. Trusted by some of the strongest brands in the industry, we have become a staple, and the “go-to” partner for customers of all sizes. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your needs!




Our natural spring water is without a doubt the most refreshing, crisp water you will ever try! With only ~100 ppm of total dissolved solids and coming from a private spring in the mountains East of Ramona, CA, you get a consistent and smooth taste with every bottle. Our spring is above the 5,000 ft. level and its water is sourced fresh daily. It is one of the finest springs in Southern California and has yielded Famous Ramona Water multiple gold medals from the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Awards. You truly can taste the difference!

Production Facility

Famous Ramona Water's production facility is a sustainable, state-of-the-art, top notch facility with many bottling lines, blowing stations, filling stations and more. With over 600 solar panels and only the finest stainless-steel machinery and equipment, our plant runs to perfection so that we ensure the absolute best final product for every single one of our customers. We pride ourselves on our quality and timeliness, and it all starts with production. 

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